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What’s a Cloud-Based Contact Center? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Before you decide to go with a cloud-based contact center, you need to read this first. We’re breaking down everything you need to know!


As your business grows, your need for a robust customer care service is growing as well. Its growth is key to your DNA for success.

Proper customer service allows businesses to have proper engagement with its user base. Perfect customer service can boost customer satisfaction by as much as nine-fold. If you’re a small or medium business, however, the cost of building a new contact center will punish your company.

Want a way to superior customer service for the future? Cloud-based call centers are the way to go.

A cloud-based contact center is a perfect solution. It can help you improve your business process.

We still have a few questions. What is cloud-based technology? How can it help me?

In this article, we’ll go about everything you need to know about this impressive technology. It can help revolutionize the way you do business.

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is an enterprise infrastructure. It takes care of all calls from customers both inbound and outbound. It is a central business process that involves hosting the entire network on an internet server.

These cloud-based call centers handle everything. It takes care of email, voice, web and even social media.

This central hub affords you a strong, streamlined system. It gives you the ability to have:

  • superior customer service improvements
  • business process outsourcing

It allows growth for your digital channels, connecting your business faster. It also means better connectivity for your customers. It has various methods that let your business run better with the processes it handles.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Call Center

There are many benefits to using cloud-based call center solutions. This is true when you use it to manage all your business processes.

It is easy to deploy and scalable. A cloud contact center provides superior organization of your communications.

Its modernized contact center capabilities are useful at any size. This makes this system the future of customer support and call processing.

1. Quick Deployment

High-speed deployment is the best advantage a cloud-based system can give. You’re removing the clock on setting up your dedicated servers and putting it on the internet. This allows you to set up in a fraction of the time you need for a traditional call center.

On-site call center servers tend to create various obstacles for your business. This time and money you waste translate into something that affects your bottom line.

For one, dedicated servers put you at the mercy of your vendor’s delivery time. Also, you’re putting a strain on your IT team to provision and compute the right system for your call center. They would also need to do testing for it.

A cloud-based call center doesn’t need any of that. It takes the job away from your IT team and vendors and gives you a preset system that is ready for your needs. It removes all the delays through cloud contact center applications designed for you.

2. Flexible and Scalable

A cloud contact center works for any business of any size. From small businesses to large national enterprises, cloud technology is the answer.

You can scale your capabilities up and down. Everything depends on what is enough for you.

Scalability is a constant challenge for on-site call center servers. Scaling your process outsourcing up requires big changes.

At most, you need to change all your legacy systems to new configs. If you, for some reason, need to scale down, you can’t do it with an on-site system.

Cloud-based systems are scalable at any point. You don’t need to change your entire system.

All you need is add it to your existing cloud network. You can then get a more significant configuration at a moment’s notice.

3. Easy Remote Connection for Personnel

Remote customer service representatives are the future. It lets you expand in pockets, rather than create linear growth. This enables you to grow bigger without hitting being too heavy on your personnel.

Affording yourself the ability to find remote personnel is valuable. It helps you find human resource gems and rockstar employees all over the globe. It also resolves some issues that come with the use of remote agents.

In traditional settings, you need an extra configuration to connect your agents from remote locations. This can be a local VPN or something similar. This is not the case with cloud-based call centers.

Cloud servers are accessible via the internet. To access your cloud-based call center solutions, here’s all you need. Everything you need is a secure, reliable connection and your login credentials.

That’s it. It’s fast, it’s easy and it requires little setup.

4. Self-Reliant Even In Extreme Events

A cloud contact center will never stop working even during extreme events. If your locale is prone to natural disasters, leaving it unmanned for a while can cost you business. This is never the case with cloud-based technology.

Cloud-based systems are dynamic and easy to use. Rather than have personnel go on-site to take care of the dedicated server, all you need is internet access. This reduces the chance that something minor like road blockages and snowstorms impeding you.

5. Low-Cost Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

What makes cloud-based call centers useful for all business sizes, however, is the cost.

With a dedicated call center server, you’ll create an upfront investment before you even get to use it. Hardware expenses and personnel time can impact your bottom line.

Using cloud-based call center solutions, you only need to pay a subscription fee for the systems you use. This is inexpensive, in comparison to the thousands in potential expenses with an on-site system.

Cloud-Based Contact Center For the Future

A cloud contact center is the future of customer service and process outsourcing. It’s one of the best choices for anyone looking to streamline their channels. It’s an inexpensive, reliable and scalable choice for any business, big or small.

Control all your customer conversations from all channels and improve your customer satisfaction ratings. All you need is a dependable cloud-based contact center.

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