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What Are Hosted PBX systems and How Can It Help Your Business?

Hosted PBX systems are the new wave of telecommunications. Read about what you need to know here.


The changing face of business has made it necessary for new technology to connect your team to each other and your customers. With the rise of freelancers and people who work from home, the traditional phone systems don’t always work.

This is why 65 percent of businesses surveyed have switched to hosted PBX services. A hosted system allows you more flexibility to take advantage of non-traditional work environments.

What is a PBX System?

PBX stands for private branch exchange. This is a private phone network that makes it easier for a company to route and transfer calls when they have multiple lines. 

A PBX system gives you the ability to connect more phone lines. This system also allows free calls between users. This makes it easier to stay connected with your team.

PBX systems are a great alternative to traditional phone lines as they allow for more lines and more features. New technology has increased your PBX options.

You can set-up PBX systems in-house or use a host to provide service. The traditional service requires you to get all the equipment necessary to host your network on-site. Hosted PBX means the network is hosted from outside.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX systems remove the need for in-house equipment and maintenance. The system is hosted by a third-party vendor

The host has all the equipment necessary to run your PBX system. They take care of all maintenance of the system, eliminating the need for a dedicated IT staff. The host also handles all call routing.

Hosted PBX requires internet service to work. Your systems are connected to the hosting call center through IP networks. This means you must have internet access to run the system.

A hosted phone system makes it easier to access the features of a PBX system though. It also removes many of the headaches involved with a private exchange system.

The Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

A hosted phone system increases your options as a business owner or manager. You gain more accessibility with fewer costs than traditional systems. What does this look like for your business though?

Costs Less

With a hosted PBX system, you can eliminate the cost of in-house hardware and software to run your network. You also eliminate the cost of regular maintenance to your system.

A hosted system allows you to pay a monthly fee for someone else to take care of all the equipment and keep the system running smoothly. You also get many features included for no additional costs.

You can also reduce the cost of switching out phones. As long as your phone has internet access, you can use it with a hosted PBX system.

Easier to Get Started

A hosted system means all the set-up is done for you. This cuts down on the need to learn and train employees on how to transfer.

You don’t have to wait to get a system set-up in house either. This means you can access your system in less time than a traditional system. You can usually get up and running within a day.

You provide the information and everything is set up for you. You also have easy access to the system set-up so you can make changes without a need to take your system off-line.

Greater Accessibility

A hosted PBX system allows employees to work from anywhere and stay connected to the system. As long as their phone line is connected to the call center, calls are easily routed to employees wherever they are.

This opens up opportunities to stay connected with traveling employees or those that work from home. There’s no need for extra numbers. There’s no need for multiple calls if a customer is trying to reach someone.

A hosted system also makes your employees more accessible to you. With conference calls and data sharing, you can easily stay connected.

Making Changes is Easier

Businesses deal with plenty of changes, especially in employees. With a hosted system, it’s easier to add or remove a line if you have changes in the number of employees.

Most services can host up to 300 lines at a time, so adding lines is simple for a growing company. You can also easily change the routing information if you need to. This makes it easier for companies to grow and shift without added burden.

You can also easily add new features as they become available or as your needs change. The process to add new features is simple with a hosted system, so you don’t have to take up valuable time. It’s also easy to remove a feature if you find you don’t need it. 

With the ease of set-up and maintenance, you don’t have to worry about interruptions or wasted time trying to figure your system out. You also have easy access to a customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.

More Features Available

A hosted PBX system also provides more features, most coming with the plan without additional cost. This cloud system gives you the features available with traditional systems such as call waiting, call routing, call transfers, and voicemail. 

You also get access to other features not always available with these other systems. Some of the notable features include

  • Conference Calls
  • Video Conferencing
  • Data Sharing
  • Chat
  • Analytics

These features make it easier to stay connected as a team. This also helps you monitor the system with easy to read reports.

Hosted systems can also easily integrate with CRM systems. This makes it easier to keep up with customer information.

Making the Switch to a Hosted PBX System

As businesses learn the benefits of a hosted PBX system, more of them will begin to make the switch. If you want to stay up-to-date, it might be time for you to make the switch too.

Are you ready to find out your options? Contact us to discover your options. Our experts are available to answer all your questions. 

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