Unified Communications
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Full Mobile Capabilities

Using the New Era app to receive calls is just like using your mobile phone. Incoming voice and video will appear on your device lock screen just like a cellular call, giving you the freedom and flexibility to work on the go.

Easy to User Interface

The New Era app allows users to interact with the Hosted PBX through an intuitive and familiar interface. The keypad screen offers easy access to:

Make a call.

Check voicemail,

View phone contacts

Send and receive SMS messages

View call history

Access advance PBX features.

In-Call Options

While on call, users have numerous call handling options including:



Blind Transfer

Attended Transfer

Join Conference

Real-Time Presence

See the status of your co-workers so that you know whether they are on a call at the moment and then determine how you want to communicate with them call, IM, or fax.


The New Era app has flexible and powerful messaging features. It can send and receive SMS messages from a business phone line so that users need not divulge personal cell phone numbers. It also allows intra-company messaging with any PBX contact.