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It’s All in the Cloud: The Benefits of Incorporating a Cloud Contact Center into Your Business

Incorporating a cloud contact center into your business may be the best move you could make. Find out how moving everything to the cloud can help your company.


Contact centers for brands have been a given for at least 50 years. When customers have a question, problem, or complaint, they know what to do.

However, the world of business looks vastly different than it did 50 years ago. Is your contact center up to date? If you’re still using an old-fashioned model, you might not be getting the most out of your company call center.

With a cloud contact center, you can move your brand into the future. What are the benefits of this model? We’ve outlined the best ones here — keep reading to learn how a cloud contact center can revolutionize your business!

What Is a Cloud Contact Center?

Not familiar with the cloud-based contact center? Let’s take a quick look at how it works. 

Cloud contact centers, like standard contact centers, handle client communications across multiple channels. In addition to the traditional phone call, these centers will manage emails, live chats, and more.

However, cloud centers merge these services with modern technology to make operations even better. They might use automated services, include cloud-based management tools, and more. Cloud-based centers work smarter, so your team doesn’t have to work harder.

What benefits will a cloud contact center bring to your brand? Let’s dive in.

1. Work from Home

With a cloud-based center, you can let your employees work from home — no matter where home is.

This helps you employ native speakers with the language skills you need, even if they aren’t in your city. It also makes it easier to offer live support at all hours of the day, without asking your employees to work night shifts.

Depending on the volume of communications at a given time, you can keep more agents on that shift or move them around. It all becomes much easier with a cloud-based system that promotes working from home.

2. Save Money

All businesses need to save money where they can, so it’s free to invest elsewhere. Cloud-based systems cut down on costs by reducing the up-front costs of installing a system on site (not to mention the cost of maintaining it).

Each system you install on your premises costs far more than having the same system in a cloud form. With cloud-based contact centers, you can make changes and upgrades at minimal cost.

You can sometimes use a pay-as-you-go model so you’re not paying for services you don’t need, too. You can even test out new solutions with a free trial before you commit.

3. Regular Upgrades

In addition to the lower cost, you’ll also benefit from the more consistent upgrades and new features provided by a cloud contact center. 

If you want to upgrade your regular contact center, you usually need to contact your IT department and have them make the upgrade. This might mean a disruption of services or fixing bugs before things get back to normal.

However, your cloud applications don’t rely on the IT department for upgrades. Every time the provider wants to make an upgrade, they will, and you don’t have to do anything but let your customers access the app as usual. This means regularly getting up-to-date versions with no extra work or cost from you.

4. Shorter Timeframes

Worried about the time it takes to set up a cloud contact center? No need — these get up and running far faster than hardware contact centers.

You don’t need to wait for equipment to get delivered, installed, and tested. You’ll be able to meet your client communications goals faster and easier when you don’t have to wait for the hardware to arrive. 

5. Improved Security

All modern contact centers must make security a major priority. Cloud solutions are far more secure than traditional contact centers.

For example, you can choose to store your most sensitive data in a private cloud, while keeping the other data in a cheaper public cloud.

You can also tap into the recovery solutions offered by cloud systems in case disaster happens. For example, if there’s a natural disaster, you won’t need to replace your equipment or mourn your lost files. It’s all on the cloud, so there’s not much to lose. 

And if you have an outage, your team can still contact your clients using mobile devices from other locations. All the information they need will be on the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

6. Scalability

It’s easy to scale down or up as needed with a cloud contact center.

If your center is all on premises, you’ll need to invest in even more space and equipment when it’s time to scale up. Scaling down also requires significant changes to the physical location, which can take time, effort, and money.

Your cloud contact center, on the other hand, can scale up or down almost immediately. The cloud provider will simply offer the resources when you are ready for them. 

This also allows you to build a center that’s exactly the size you need. That way, you won’t suffer with slightly reduced resources or pay for a bit more than you actually use.

7. No Hardware Failures

Even when there’s no natural disaster or other issues, hardware failures remain a part of traditional contact centers. These disruptions can cost a lot. Luckily, cloud contact center software won’t experience the same problems.

Since there’s no hardware, there are no hardware failures to worry about. This helps maintain the continuity that many customers have come to expect. 

Ready to Give Cloud Contact Center Solutions a Try?

Does a cloud contact center sound right for your business? We thought so.

The advantages of a cloud contact center far outweigh the advantages of old hardware systems. It’s time to step into the future and offer your contact services on the cloud. This will keep clients and employees happy, while streamlining your business operations. 

When you’re ready to get started, contact us to learn more.

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