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Is Hosted PBX Right for You?

Many companies have benefited from Hosted PBX, but is it right for you? Find out if your business could benefit from this service.


Did you realize there are over 27 million small businesses in the United States? If you are a newcomer to the world of small business ownership, you will have to work hard to edge out the competition.

One of the most important factors in having long-term success as a business owner is adequate communication. Providing your team with the tools they need to communicate with each other and customers is a must.

With all of the different business phone system options on the market, selecting the right one can be difficult. For years, businesses have used hosted PBX phone systems due to how powerful and convenient they are.

Are you still on the fence about whether or not a hosted PBX system is right for your business? The information below can help you make this important decision with ease.

A Hosted PBX Phone System Provides You With Centralized Control

Finding a way to make answering calls from customers easier is something most business owners are passionate about. If you are tasked with handling any after-hours calls, a PBX system can be very helpful.

This system provides you with the ability to forward all of the calls coming into your business to one phone. Not only does this help a business owner who is fielding after-hours calls, but it can also reduce the chance of phone number confusion for consumers.

Being able to list one number for consumers to use can help greatly with things like brand recognition. Rather than having to keep up with a laundry list of phone numbers, a PBX system simplifies things for a business owner by allowing them to use one number.

The Power of Automation

If you are like most business owners, you are passionate about reducing overhead. Businesses who receive a number of phone calls each day have to hire an actual receptionist.

Hiring an actual person to handle this job can be quite expensive. If you want to avoid increasing payroll, using the receptionist feature on a PBX phone system is your best course of action.

PBX systems provide callers with easy to use number-based menu when they call in. With the help of this state of the art system, you can get customers routed to the right department with ease. Offering a higher level of customer service with the PBX system can help you increase sales and productivity.

PBX Systems Offer Flexible Call Routing Features

As a business owner, you probably take a number of important calls each day. When waiting on a particularly important call, you can retain your freedom to move around your office with a PBX system.

Most PBX phone systems have the follow me feature. This feature allows you to forward your calls to another phone in your building if you do not pick up on your office phone in a certain number of rings.

With this feature, you will never have to worry about missing an important. This flexible call forwarding feature will also allow you to remain productive while waiting on a call.

Control Phone Extension Access

When dealing with high-level clients or vendors, you need to focus on keeping their communications with a few key members of your staff. Investing in a PBX phone system allows you to set up each line in your office space individually.

While setting up these lines, you can control the level of access each extension has. With this control you can do things like limit the extensions a particular phone can access.

You will also be able to put a block on phones if you want to prohibit employees from making long distance calls. Instead of settling for a one size fits all phone system, you can embrace the customization offered by a PBX system.

Easily Monitor the Cost of Your Phone System

Failing to keep track of the cost of your phone system can lead to a variety of problems. The last thing you want is to be put in a financially compromised situation due to out of control spending.

A PBX phone system keeps track of all incoming and outgoing calls. With this information, you can get an idea of which department is fielding the most incoming calls.

Your usage report will also show you how many long distance or international calls are being made. If you see a number of unauthorized calls, you need to nip this problem in the bud immediately. Setting a strict policy for these types of calls is essential when trying to avoid high phone costs.

Presenting the Right Image to Your Audience

As any business owner knows, putting the right image out there is a key component of landing big clients. Most people want to do business with a company that they feel is reputable and established.

If a client calls into your company, you want them to see just how established you are. It is easy to do this when investing in a PBX phone system. When clients are presented with an automated phone menu, it will help you establish credibility.

While these phone systems are a bit costly, they are definitely worth the money. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced PBX provider can help you get the phone system you need.

The Convenience of the Cloud

Having to maintain a business phone system can be a big headache. Instead of having to deal with this aggravation, you can use a cloud-based PBX system instead.

These cloud-based phone systems are updated automatically on a regular basis. This means you do not have to worry about doing this work manually. Having regular updates will also keep your phone system running like a well-oiled machine.

Working With PBX Professionals is a Must

The main thing you need to do to get the right hosted PBX system in place is to choose the right provider. An experienced provider can help you select the right system and get it installed in no time.

Are you looking for a quality PBX system for your business? If so, contact us now to find out about the unified communication services we offer.

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